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How to FIGHT winter

Winter has well and truly arrived in Melbourne, with these temperatures plummeting, here at Living Health Group, we have collated some natural ways to stay happy and healthy this winter to avoid the freezing cold June/July slump.


Each night we go to sleep, our bodies begin to repair themselves and recharge for the next day.

Both quality and quantity sleeping patterns are essential for helping your immune system to function well, especially during the cooler seasons. The best way to maximise the effects of your sleep is to have a strong and consistent nighttime routine.

Some simple yet effective ideas to improve your nighttime routine:

-Limit your use of electronics and bright light devices for at least an hour before bed. If this is unavoidable then activate the blue light filter settings to help minimise the fluorescent light shining in your eyes.

– Keep a journal beside your bed. You may find it helpful to make a to-do list before you go to sleep for the following day or simply having a pen and paper beside you to write down any thoughts that are keeping you awake throughout the night.

– Read a book or meditate. Anything relaxing that you enjoy doing after electronics are switched off before bed. Find your niche and go with it.


Especially when done outside (if you can brave the cold weather and avoid the rain) exercise is the perfect ‘happy hormone’ booster that will improve your immune system.

A walk out in the winter sun can do wonders to increase your mood, help get your daily dose of Vitamin D AND get your heart pumping! When the weather isn’t agreeing with your mood-boosting energy, going to the gym, pool or local sports team will all help produce those happy hormones.


Eating a diet rich in colorful fruits and vegetables, low in sugar and maintaining a good water intake is vital to keeping well this winter and avoid any sorts of unwanted germy coughs and colds.

The average adult should aim to eat 1 cup of each colour vegetable a day (green, red, orange, white and purple), drink 2 litres of water and getting the rest of your food intake from a variety of different proteins (meats, beans and legumes) and carbohydrate dense foods (potatoes, rice and oats).


Even though our sources of stress may have altered throughout our lives; our bodies reaction hasn’t. When we encounter a stressful situation, we respond by releasing hormones (cortisol and adrenaline) that make our bodies go in to “fight or flight” mode. “Fight or flight” mode can shut down body processes including the immune system – which therefore can cause those nasty colds.

During this winter period, you need to be searching for methods that reduce stress and help you control how you handle yourself to ensure a happy and healthy winter!

Some of our favorite stress busters here at Living Health Group:

– The benefits of yoga are endless (find a local class, before or after work, the perfect de-stress activity, and a great way to make friends.)

– Spending time with loved ones

– Taking a walk in nature (when the weather and temperature allows!)

– Meditation

– Last but not least, massage!

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