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Top 5 Tips for a Calm and Efficient Exam Period

In the past few weeks we have seen noticed many of our clients have been feeling stressed, overwhelmed, experiencing neck pain, headaches and having difficulty sleeping. The common trend in all of these clients is that they are all either studying for Uni or school exams.

As Osteopaths – 5 years of Uni and 60 exams later, we fully understand that the exam period can be a stressful time.

So, here are our top 5 tips to help you get through your exam period:

1. Get adequate sleep

Cramming the night before an exam and staying up late doesn’t help with retaining information and it can lead to tiredness and reduced concentration on the day of the exam. We recommend to get minimum 8 hours sleep the night before the exam.

If you’re finding it difficult to sleep, we recommend chamomile tea and a warm bath/shower before retiring.

2. Eat nourishing foods

Eating healthy is always better for your body and brain than eating foods saturated with sugar and carbs. Aim to eat natural, fresh foods with no chemicals or preservatives. Your body will run and feel better, plus will have a lot more energy than you would otherwise, which is needed whilst studying to help keep you focused.

3. Stay active

Go for a run, kick the footy, hit the gym, do yoga or go for a brisk walk – do some form of exercise during the exam period. The physical stress on your body can help relieve emotional stress, tension and anxiety.

Other benefits of exercise include:
→ Increases alertness and concentration.
→ Increases production of serotonin – the chemical that makes us happy!
→ Boosts the immune system.
→ Stabilising your mood.

4. Power of positive thinking and self-talk

It’s very easy to think negative thoughts about yourself when stressed – which doesn’t help ease the mind during the exam period. Make conscious effort to think positively about your abilities and readiness for the upcoming exam.

A simple phrase such as “I can do it!” can make a big difference in our mindset.

5. Treat yourself

Reward yourself for studying before or after the exam – a special food, a small purchase or taking a couple of hours off studying to do something you love. You deserve to treat yourself for the efforts you’ve put in. Having a reward in mind can also help with concentration and productivity whilst studying.

Implement and keep consistent with these 5 tips which will make exam time a lot more calm, productive and efficient. Keep up the great work and happy studying!

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