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Living Health Group Patient Testimonials and Reviews

I was experiencing ongoing shoulder pain that had previously been treated with cortisone. This had led to a severe lack of mobility and pain. The team is friendly, professional and knowledgeable, this give me confidence in my treatment. I have frequently recommended Living Health Group to clients and friends. I would not have got through the Iron man races without all the physical and mental support from the Living Health Group team.


Iron Woman

I was feeling stiff all over and lacked relief from other treatments for my frozen shoulder. I wanted to get healthier and feel better within myself. After taking up the Living Health Group complimentary wellness consult I felt like we connected, I felt comfortable. They were professional and I got results. The best thing about living health is that I walk in sore, and walk out feeling fabulous.


I was struggling with my health; I was at the point in my life that I had to start to make a change. My personal trainer recommended Living Health Group to me. I found the team friendly and professional, most importantly the treatment is working for me and I am feeling healthier and stronger.



I felt really sick, my whole body felt sore, stiff and run down. The whole team was lovely; Living Health group is a welcoming, nurturing and safe place. Each practitioner is great at what they do and the combination of services works well. I would highly recommend Living Health Group, the team supported me to get better and improve my overall health and wellbeing.


I was experiencing lower back pain and overall stiffness from getting older from being a tradesman all my life. The strength and quality of the treatment is important to me, Lisa has exceptional skills in this area. Lisa is very professional and I find the business great to deal with. After being treated from many other practitioners over the years I am extremely impressed with Lisa’s treatment. I have definitely recommended Lisa in the past and will continue into the future.


Director of Endless Spas

I was in agony with coccyx pain, I couldn’t sit, lye, sit up, I couldn’t do anything. I had been experiencing coccyx pain 24 hours a day for 18 months, and now I am pain free! The team is friendly and welcoming, providing honest service. After each appointment I feel a difference. The team have changed my life.



I was experiencing months of extreme hip and sciatic pain all way down my right leg into my foot, which was very uncomfortable, I was frustrated from previous treatment that hadn’t given me relief. I now have pain relief and feel much stronger. I feel it’s a happy, welcoming and lovely environment to come into. I have and would recommend the Living Health Group team in the future.


I was unable to complete my chest workout at the gym as I couldn’t lift the bar off the rack. Going from being someone who could bench 120kg at my peak of training and then not being able to bench press anything without pain was frustrating. My friend had recommended Lisa to me. The best thing about Living Health Group was their ability to interact with clients. I would recommend Living Health Group in the future as they enabled me to get back into training. If you are suffering in pain go and see the team.


HR Manager

Living Health Group is a team of passionate practitioners who are driven to help you improve your performance and achieve your health goals.

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