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Putting you first

As women we tend to live busy lives, work, kids, family, cooking, social events, gym and then trying to make ‘me time’. Commonly we often put everyone before our self and then wonder why we end up in a heap feeling tired and exhausted.

So with next week being women’s health week, we wanted to share with you, our tips to help you feel re-energised, and help you get back a little ‘me time’, so you don’t fall in a heap. Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

First up here is my strategy to making you time happen.

  • Pull out your weekly planner (if you don’t have one ask us for one of out Living Health weekly planners).
  • Have a set time each week, I find Sunday mornings work best, pour yourself a cuppa and start planning for your week ahead.
  • Start scheduling and get clear on how your week is going to look. Include things like – exercise, planning and prepping meals, catch-ups with friends, and appointments.
  • Schedule into your week where you are going to have some ‘you time’, that may be journaling, meditation, getting adequate rest, treating yourself to a massage or just doing something that makes you happy! They key is- knowing what ‘fills your cup’ and do that.
  • Once you have done your planning, keep your planner in a visual place, or take a photo and keep it on your phone.
  • Aim to stick to your planner as best you can, but don’t beat yourself up if something pops up. Remember you are human; be kind to yourself.

Below I have shared with you our top 6 ‘me time’ activities, give one all of them a go and let us know how you go!

  1. Get moving- Exercise (no you don’t have to go to a gym to get moving) helps release endorphins (they are the feel good hormones in the body) and make you feel energized. Exercise also assists with stress management. Do something you enjoy! even dancing around your lounge room to your favourite music is moving!
  2. Have an early night- getting adequate sleep is important for immune function (prevents you from getting sick), helps with your concentration, mood and energy levels.
  3. Deep breathing exercises are an excellent way to calm the body when feeling stressed or overwhelmed, plus you can do them anywhere and no one will know! Aim to do 10-12 deep breaths at a time.
  4. Get your zen on, give meditation a go. It has been proven very effective at managing stress. Using a guided meditation app can be helpful if you are just getting into meditation, we love the one giant
    mind app.
  5. Do you ever find you have 1 million things running through your head? Feeling overwhelmed? With have a never ending to do list running through your head? Journaling or brain dumping (this is where you get every thing out of your head and onto paper) is a great way to clear your mind.
  6. Do something that makes you happy. Life is short, make an effort daily to do something that makes you happy, call a friend that makes you laugh, sit and read a book, take a walk in nature, run, do something that lights you up.

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