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How to make your goals stick, for an incredible 2019

So it’s a new year. Like a new chapter of a book with 365 new pages to fill and new opportunities to be had. It is a time to reset and start to create new habits for a bigger, brighter and healthier 2019.

I am not one for new years resolutions, most people start big excravent goals that are forgotten about by February. Instead I prefer to focus on intentions, what am I consciously going to do different and why.

Below I am going to share with you the framework I use for every intention or goal I set. This will help you set full proof goals to help you have a happy and healthy 2019. Plus, as well as sharing the framework I use, I have also provided you with an example of one of my 2019 intentions to see as a guide of how this framework works.

1.Choose a intention or goal that you want to achieve in 2019. Write your goal in a positive context, compared to a negative context. For example if your goal is to lose weight:
a. Positive context – ‘I am fit healthy and lean, I achieve my healthy weight of X with ease by X date’.
b. Negative- I lose 10 kgs by X date.

My intention- I provide my body with adequate sleep each night.

2. Ask yourself WHY you want to achieve this goal? This is important, if you figure this out your goal will stick. Ask yourself what will be the benefit to you, by you achieving this goal?

My WHY behind this- I know that if my body gets minimum 8 hours sleep each night I feel better and more confident with in my self. I have the energy to get through my work day, my social life and my exercise regime. I am in a better mood, especially with the people around me. I make better food choices. I have clearer thinking and I make quicker and better decisions. I am more creative. I have more energy to help clients, which allows me to give a better quality care.

3. Create a plan. What steps do you need to take to achieve this goal and make it happen.

My plan to achieving this- I set an alarm for every night to begin my 30 minute wind down time before bed. During this time I have no phone, TV or laptop. I have a calming tea and my lavender diffuser to help me sleep better.

4. Overcoming obstacles. Have a think about what may stop you from achieving this and what can you put in place to prevent these obstacles from interfering with your goal.

How I overcome the obstacle of my busy life- I plan every sunday night what my week ahead will look like- my exercise, yoga, social events, work, meals and sleep. If I know I have a week filled with social or networking events after work, I know I need to plan into my week that I get extra sleep somewhere.

5. Visualise your goal. Make this goal or intention constantly visible to you that you can frequently see it- on your phone, in your bathroom mirror, or in your diary. What you focus on you attract, so if you constantly see yourself achieving this goal, it will come real. A really good way to visualise you achieving your goal is to at the end of your meditation, picture yourself already achieving that goal.

Where I visualise my healthy sleep habit- I read all my goals and intentions on a daily basis, plus at the end of my daily meditation I visualise me feeling full of energy and vibrant and healthy as I am getting enough sleep.

6. Have an accountability buddy. Share your goal with someone you trust and know will keep you accountable. Ask them to check in with you weekly to see how you are going. As humans we don’t like letting people down, if we know someone is going to be checking in with you each week, you are more likely to stick to and achieve your goal.

My accountability buddy- She won’t let me get away with anything!

7. Don’t beat yourself up. Remember you are human, if you miss that gym session or have a bad day eating, it’s ok. Re-focus on your goal and your WHY and start the next day. Negative self talk is no good for your health, focus on the positive outcome of your goal.

Implement this process with each of your goals and watch what an amazing 2019 you will have.

Happy 2019! x

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