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How to keep keep cool this summer

Summer in Australia, we all look forward to it during the year and finally it is here. As we have been experiencing, it can get really hot. Sometimes to the point where it is better to stay inside during the hottest part of the day to avoid heat exhaustion or heat stroke. However you spend your summer, here are our 4 tips to keeping cool and hydrated.

Drinking enough water
During the summer months it is vital to keep up our water intake, or even increase it. Generally we should be drinking 2-3 litres per day and, as it gets warmer 3-4 litres daily. We lose important electrolytes as we sweat more and are exposed to the drier heat, so we need to keep topping it us for our body to function well and avoid fatigue. Try drinking more water in the first half of the day, rather than catching in the afternoon when you may already feel thirsty. If you are exercising or working outdoors, taking electrolytes can help re-hydrate you.

Wearing breathable clothes
If you have worn clothes made with synthetic material you may have noticed how hot and stuffy you feel. Synthetic material limits the body’s ability to breath making you sweat more. Wearing lighter breathable clothing such as cotton and linen can be much more comfortable and lets your body breathe.

Snack on hydrating foods
Not sure what to reach for when wanting a snack in summer? Reach for foods with a higher water content such as cucumber, mangoes, nectarines, tomatoes and watermelon, will keep your body hydrated and cool. Plus they contain many beneficial vitamins and minerals to nourish the body.

Go for a swim
Whether you like to have a dip at the pools or have a swim at the beach, going for a gentle swim is great to keep the body temperature cool, plus gets the body moving. Remember to stay in the shade during the hottest part of the day from around 1pm to 4pm.

Try these helpful tips to implement into your hot summer’s day. Remember to keep hydrated.

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