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Healthy activities to get you moving these Holidays

While the holidays are a great time to rest and reflect, it is also a great opportunity to make time to get moving and get outdoors. After the stressful period of last minute shopping, Christmas parties and family gatherings, it is important to make time for some leisurely activities that mindfully move the body and keep you (or the kids) from feeling bored these holidays.

Here are some of our favourite healthy activities to do these holidays:

  • Go for walk or hike.

Exploring walking tracks or bush tracks is a great way to keep active without putting too much strain on the body. Find calmness and tranquility as you walk around in nature or discover something you haven’t seen before.

  • Swimming or spend a day at the beach.

As the weather is heating up in Melbourne, head to the beach or your nearest pool to cool off on the warmer days. Swimming is a gentle form of exercise as there is no impact on your joints.

  • Go for a bike ride.

When was the last time you used your bike? Time to dust it off and cycle these holidays. Cycling is another gentle form of exercise that is less impact on the joints, yet gets the heart pumping. Cycling can also be your mode of transport on your holiday, instead of driving, jump on your bike.

  • Get out in the garden.

Spending some time out in the garden is another excellent way to keep the body healthy and finally getting on top of all those little jobs needing to be done. Gardening can be fairly physical so be sure to be mindful with how you are pulling or lifting things, bend with your knees!

  • Try a new healthy recipe.

Not a good day to be outside? Spend some time baking healthy treats that won’t make you feel guilty after eating them! We have a lot of great recipes on our social media pages – facebook and instagram. Be sure to check them out!

What do you love to do during the holidays?

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