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Do I Need a Referral?

Everyone is welcome to make an appointment with our practitioners. Not sure how we can help you? Book online for a FREE Sports Injury Assessment with one of our qualified Osteopaths to find out more on how we can assist with your injury.

What Is The Length Of Each Consultation?

Osteopathy: For Initial Consultations please allow 60 minutes. Return appointments are 30-minutes.

Remedial Massage: Appointments can be 30 or 50 minutes. For Initial consultations, we highly recommend a 50-minute appointment.

What Is The Cost Of Each Consultation?

* 1 hour Initial Consultations $135
* 30 min Return Appointments $95
* 60 min Long Osteopathy Consultations $160

Senior Osteopath Consultations:
* 1 Hr Initial Consultations with Dr Rebecca Campbell or Dr. Dr Andrew Moerenhout $150
* 30min Return Appointments with Dr Rebecca Campbell or Dr Andrew Moerenhout $100
* 60 min Long Osteopathy Consultations $180

Senior Osteopath / Clinician Consultations:
* 1 Hr Initial Consultations with Dr Lisa Gaddt $160
* 30min Return Appointments with Dr Lisa Gadd $105
* 60 min Long Osteopathy Consultations $180

Remedial Massage & Myotherapy:
* 50 Minute Initial Consultation $100
* 50 Minute Return Appointment $100
* 30 Min Quick Relief Remedial Massage $85

Can I Claim On My Private Health Insurance?

Yes, all of our services are claimable at the time of your appointment with your Private health fund.

What Should I Bring To A Consultation?

Please bring along any relevant X-ray, Scans (MRI, ultrasound, etc), and blood test results you may have relating to your injury.

What Should I Expect In My Initial Consult?

What Do I Wear To An Appointment?

Where possible, wear comfortable clothing to your Osteopathic and Remedial Massage appointment. Please be aware that depending on what area of your body needs to be treated, you may be asked to take part of your clothing off.

What Happens If I Need To Cancel Or Change An Appointment?

We understand that at times life gets hectic and you need to re-arrange your appointment. If this ever occurs, please allow 24 hours to re-schedule. Failure to attend a scheduled appointment and cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice will incur an $80 cancellation fee Monday to Friday, and FULL FEE on a weekend.

Please note that failing to attend your appointment is preventing another client from getting treatment.

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