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Elbow Pain – Are You Feeling It?

Tennis elbow, or medically known as Lateral Epicondylitis, is an inflammatory condition caused by overuse. It involves the tendons that attach to your elbow and control your wrist, hand and fingers. When the tendons are weakened due to overuse, tiny tears occur at the attachment to the elbow, causing inflammation and irritation.

Common symptoms are:
● Pain or burning over the outside of the elbow, which can radiate into the forearm
● Weak grip strength

The pain usually develops gradually, beginning mild and progressively getting worse over a couple of weeks to months. The symptoms are usually aggravated by activities which involve moving the wrist backwards and turning the wrist over. The dominant hand is usually the arm that is affected. It’s usually caused from a repeated twisting or gripping of your wrist through activities such as lifting weights, using a sports racquet or computer work.

The first step in reducing pain is decreasing inflammation of the forearm muscles. This can be initially done with rest by avoiding aggravating movements and icing the area for 20 minutes intervals nightly to reduce pain and inflammation.

Osteopathy can help give relief of tennis elbow with massage, mobilisation and stretching to reduce the tightness of the forearm muscles affected. Dry needling also performed by qualified Osteopaths has also been proven to give fast and effective relief, by helping increase blood flow to the area. Kineso tape also helps give relief, it increases circulation in the area, which will help with swelling and inflammation, and improve movement and function of your muscles.

Experiencing Tennis Elbow?

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