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Dr Lisa Gadd

Director & Osteopath

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Dr Lisa Gadd

Director & Osteopath

Lisa is the founder and managing director at Living Health Group.

She is an experienced osteopath who graduated from RMIT after completing a Bachelor in Applied Science and a Masters of Osteopathy.

As a senior clinician, Lisa is frequently invited to teach and lecturer at Victoria University based in Melbourne city, teaching Osteopathy.

Lisa has always had a strong passion for the science of exercise and rehabilitation, and has been active as a qualified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and senior lecturer for PT in the fitness industry. Lisa’s strong background in teaching is channeled though to her team and to her personal clients.

After going through a stroke in 2014, Lisa has developed a unique understanding to the pain and frustration that comes with pain and rehabilitation and the capability of the human body has to heal.

As a result, she also understands the balance required in all areas of life from nutrition, mental health and well being to the physical care required to maintain optimal health.

Lisa has also studied nutrition and health coaching with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN).

Given Lisa’s love of health and fitness you will often find her bright and early in the gym, spending time with the family or spending time at the beach.

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