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Dr Lisa Gadd

Director & Osteopath

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Dr Lisa Gadd

Director & Osteopath

Dr. Lisa Gadd is an esteemed business leader and the founder of Living Health Group. She is an osteopath, fitness professional, and a nationally recognised coach and trainer within the health and fitness industry. In business, she takes great pride in nurturing the culture of her team and supporting her staff to execute her vision of caring and compassionate healthcare focusing on holistic health solutions that treat all aspects of well-being.

Dr. Lisa Gadd has always been fiercely passionate about health, however It wasn’t until suffering a stroke in 2014 that she was able to appreciate the implications of what it is to lose bodily function, to deal with the emotional loss of poor health, or to understand the resilience required to rebuild the mind, body, and spirit post trauma. In this period Lisa harnessed courage and a firm commitment to reframe her belief systems to ensure she was able to come back stronger than ever, and in doing so developed a new level of empathy for the clients she was working with as a health practitioner and a health and business coach.

Today, with a Bachelor in Applied Sciences and a Masters in Osteopathy under her wing, and more than a decade of experience Lisa passes on her skills to the next generation lecturing at Victoria University in Melbourne city, teaching Osteopathy. She is also a valued member of the Project Gen Z and Ambisie community empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs in Australia and around the world to Dare to Dream via entrepreneurial education.

Given Lisa’s love of health and fitness you will often find her up bright and early training for her triathlons, spending time with friends and family or spending time at the beach.

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