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Pre Game Preparation

As with most things in life, preparation is the key to success. Preparation for a sub-elite level of sport can make a massive difference to the output of an individual’s game/season. Preparation for a season obviously starts in preseason, however today we are going to focus on the 48 hour period between our last training […]

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Healthy School Lunches

With school back in action this week healthy lunches and snacks are important for active children. Just as adults need a balanced diet of all six nutrients (carbohydrates, fats, water, protein, vitamins and minerals), children and young adults are even more in need of these nutrients to help build healthy bones, increase brain functioning and […]

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Smart swaps for Christmas parties

With the holiday season upon us, the Christmas dinners and celebrations pose a challenge for those of us trying to eat healthier and keep in shape! It can be easy to overlook good eating habits and over indulge at social events where there is an abundance of rich, heavier foods. Eating an excess of these […]

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Why is calcium important for your body

What is calcium and why is it so important for your body? Calcium is an essential nutrient the body requires for many different reasons. Three of the most important reasons are: Strong bones: Calcium is essential for the development, growth and maintenance of bone. Without it, bones can become brittle and weak such like those […]

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Not All Fats Are Bad Fats!

Essential fatty acids (EFA’s) are beneficial fats that are essential for good health. As EFAs cannot be made in the body, these beneficial fats need to be ingested through your diet and with supplementation on a daily basis. There are two families of essential fatty acids- omega 3 and omega 6. Omega-3 essential fatty acids […]

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Nut Free Brownies

Over half way through the year and Christmas is around the corner, where has the year gone? The busier we get the less time we take for ourselves. So this recipe is here to not only inspire you to make healthy simple treats but also to take time out to do something for yourself, no […]

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Suffering coughs, colds or flu this Winter?

Try adding these natural immune boosting nutrients to help boost your immune system this winter….. MANUKA HONEY Coates the throat with a protective film, providing a soothing and symptomatic relief for tissues that are irritated by a hacking cough and a sore throat. Boosts immunity and alleviates illness by stimulating cells involved in the immune […]

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