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Which runners are right for me?

With so many brands and styles, choosing a runner that is right for you can be a daunting task for some. Not only is it a big health investment but is a financial investment also. Stability vs neutral: The biggest most obvious difference you are able to make when choosing your runners is whether you […]

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Start Studying like a PRO

As we enter September it’s now that time of the semester where assignments are due and exams are just around the corner. Maybe you’re finishing your first year of university or your degree is finally coming to an end (5th year Osteo students we’re looking at you!) OR you’re powering through year 12 and are […]

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Pre Game Nutrition

EAT RIGHT PLAY RIGHT. Eating before a big game is an essential way to ensure you perform at your peak. Food provides the fuel to your body and without this, you risk fatigue and low blood sugar levels which can result in nausea and dizziness. A pregame meal should be high in carbohydrates and consumed […]

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How to keep keep cool this summer

Summer in Australia, we all look forward to it during the year and finally it is here. As we have been experiencing, it can get really hot. Sometimes to the point where it is better to stay inside during the hottest part of the day to avoid heat exhaustion or heat stroke. However you spend […]

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Activities For The Holidays To Get You Moving!

While the holidays are a great time to rest and reflect, it is also a great opportunity to make time to get moving and get outdoors. After the stressful period of last minute shopping, Christmas parties and family gatherings, it is important to make time for some leisurely activities that mindfully move the body and […]

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Resistance Training – What Are The Health Benefits?

While weight training is often associated with bulky muscles and protein shakes, this is not always the case. There is a magnitude of health benefits associated with resistance training. In reality, increasing muscle mass is actually very difficulty. On average men are able to gain between 2-6 kg of muscle over a 6-7 month period […]

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Why is sleep so important?

Getting to sleep can be one of the most challenging things to achieve, yet it is essential to our survival and plays a pivotal role in one’s overall health and wellbeing. Getting enough quality sleep at the right times not only improves your quality of life, but can also help protect your mental and physical […]

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Suffering coughs, colds or flu this Winter?

Looking to fight winter, colds & flu’s? Try adding these natural immune boosting nutrients to help boost your immune system this winter….. MANUKA HONEY Coates the throat with a protective film, providing a soothing and symptomatic relief for tissues that are irritated by a hacking cough and a sore throat. Boosts immunity and alleviates illness […]

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