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Top 4 benefits of Yoga

Yoga is a practice that includes physical postures, breathing exercises and meditation. Originating from India, the practice of yoga is growing in popularity and more people are including the practice in their lives today.

Yoga has many benefits including:


This low impact form of exercise is a great way to move the body and get those “feel good” endorphins flowing. Within a yoga class, you will be encouraged to focus on your breath which welcomes you into a meditative state.

After just one yoga class the feeling of calmness and relief from agitation and anxiety can influence a positive state of mind.


Contrary to common belief, the practice of yoga can be implemented regardless of flexibility. With deep stretching and movement through all ranges of motion, yoga can help you improve your flexibility.

If you feel inflexible, yoga is one of the best activities for you. Over time, your joints will feel more comfortable in greater ranges of motion.


As you move through different postures and flows, yoga helps build strength in muscles you didn’t know you had. A yoga class works the whole body, conditioning the muscles, making you more toned coupled with becoming more efficiently moving your own body weight.

As you become more familiar with the poses, you gain a greater awareness of the body and improve your balance.


Studies show that a regular yoga practice can reduce blood pressure and high blood sugar levels, improve heart and brain function, and contribute to higher lung capacity. Yoga is also a means of managing neck and back pain, reducing tightness in the body and strengthening  weak areas.

Who can do yoga?

Anyone who is willing to try, can do yoga. Yoga is a practice for ANY BODY, whether you are flexible or “spiritual”; or neither. Yoga is a great way to practice self care and unravel the stress of your day.

Haven’t tried yoga before? Invite a buddy to try a class one day and see what it’s all about!

“Yoga isn’t about touching your toes, it’s about what you learn on the way down.” – Jigar Gor

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