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What are the Benefits of Meditation?

Firstly, the question that I’m sure many people are asking when they hear the word meditation… What actually is it and does it actually help?

The answer is YES!

Meditation is a mind body and soul relaxation technique that helps relieve stress and improve the quality of sleep. A simple practice that has an abundance of health benefits, meditation can alleviate the stress within your life and bring back that comfortable balance you are so longingly searching for.

We as humans within today’s society are placing so much unnecessary stress on ourselves due to many common factors. With the likes of heavy workloads, online social media, relationship troubles with families and friends to even sitting in unexpected traffic, all of these stress factors are something that is carried with us throughout the entirety of the day.

Some of the psychological benefits of daily meditation include: 

  • Improving focus and concentration 
  • Increasing productivity
  • Enhanced ability to process information 
  • Reducing anger 
  • Reducing anxiety and stress 
  • Decreased physical tension
  • Higher energy levels 

So just how do I get started?

It is so easy to start your journey with meditation, all you need is a quiet space, some alone time from your kids, family or work colleagues and room to just stop and breathe.

I believe to receive full results, beginners can benefit from guidance using phone apps such as Headspace or Smiling Mind, both free to download from the app store. Youtube videos are another great way to follow along, as they provide you with calming music to distract your brain to stop and breathe. 

It is so important that you are not distracted throughout your meditation process, therefore I recommend to close your eyes, turn your phone off and block out all elements of light that may be coming into the room, allowing your body to be left in a peaceful environment.

It is recommended to meditate for an approximate 20 minutes each day to see best results, however, if you cannot find 20 minutes within your day, just a short span of only 5 minutes could set you on the right track to positivity and alter your daily mindset.

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