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Elbow Pain – Are You Feeling It?

Tennis elbow, or medically known as Lateral Epicondylitis, is an inflammatory condition caused by overuse. It involves the tendons that attach to your elbow and control your wrist, hand and fingers. When the tendons are weakened due to overuse, tiny tears occur at the attachment to the elbow, causing inflammation and irritation. Common symptoms are:● […]

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How to make your goals stick, for an incredible 2019

So it’s a new year. Like a new chapter of a book with 365 new pages to fill and new opportunities to be had. It is a time to reset and start to create new habits for a bigger, brighter and healthier 2019. I am not one for new years resolutions, most people start big […]

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Activities For The Holidays To Get You Moving!

While the holidays are a great time to rest and reflect, it is also a great opportunity to make time to get moving and get outdoors. After the stressful period of last minute shopping, Christmas parties and family gatherings, it is important to make time for some leisurely activities that mindfully move the body and […]

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How to Sit in a Car with Lower Back Pain?

For many, driving can trigger back pain especially with long distances which can make the drive unpleasant. Back pain and driving is a common complaint that we see on a daily basis as Osteopaths. Here are our top 5 tips for those of you that drive for 30 minutes or more a day. Get comfortable:● […]

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Resistance Training – What Are The Health Benefits?

While weight training is often associated with bulky muscles and protein shakes, this is not always the case. There is a magnitude of health benefits associated with resistance training. In reality, increasing muscle mass is actually very difficulty. On average men are able to gain between 2-6 kg of muscle over a 6-7 month period […]

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Smart food swaps for Christmas parties

With the holiday season upon us, the Christmas dinners and celebrations pose a challenge for those of us trying to eat healthier and keep in shape! It can be easy to overlook good eating habits and over indulge at social events where there is an abundance of rich, heavier foods. Eating an excess of these […]

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Looking after your lower back while gardening

With the weather heating up many of us are choosing to spend more time in the garden. It’s a great way of getting out of the house and taking in some fresh air. Unfortunately, as some of you have experienced before, spending time in the garden can expose us to injuries. Here are a few […]

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Why is calcium important for your body

What is calcium and why is it so important for your body? Calcium is an essential nutrient the body requires for many different reasons. Three of the most important reasons are: Strong bones: Calcium is essential for the development, growth and maintenance of bone. Without it, bones can become brittle and weak such like those […]

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Suffering with shoulder pain?

Subacromial bursitis is inflammation of the bursa which sits below a part of the shoulder blade called the acromion and is a common cause of shoulder pain in individuals. So what’s a bursa? A bursa is a small, fluid-filled sac located usually between skin and a tendon, or bone and a tendon. There are over […]

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Top 4 benefits of Yoga

Yoga is a practice that includes physical postures, breathing exercises and meditation. Originating from India, the practice of yoga is growing in popularity and more people are including the practice in their lives today. Yoga has many benefits including: REDUCED STRESS LEVELS This low impact form of exercise is a great way to move the […]

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