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Are your heavy handbags weighing you down?

Ladies – are you getting around with a heavy one-shoulder handbag? If that’s a yes, then this one is for you. Many of us towards the end of the day are noticing shoulder, neck and upper back pain as well as aching muscles. This can all be due to the type of bags that we’re […]

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Is your jaw causing you headaches?

Nowadays, it is so common for us to suffer from headaches. It is crucial to understand exactly where the tension is coming from that causes these pains. The most important aspect of a headache we need to understand is, what’s causing it? There are so many forms/types of headaches, all with different trigger factors. One […]

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What footwear should you be wearing this summer?

It’s summertime and as the weather warms up our footwear changes with it. Sandals, thongs, slip on shoes (barefoot anyone?) It is important to look after our feet since they carry our whole body weight everyday as we walk and move throughout our day. The shoes that we wear also have an effect other parts […]

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Why being grateful is important?

“Gratitude opens the door to the power, the creativity, the wisdom of the universe. You open the door through gratitude.” – Deepak Chopra Gratitude is a quality of contentment that comes from appreciation for things, good or bad. It is an important element of happiness and practicing gratitude daily has many amazing benefits to the […]

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7 tips to improve your desk posture

Due to social media and technological advances, people are spending more time at their desks and on their phones. As Osteopaths we see on a daily basis clients experiencing back, neck pain and headaches all related to work ergonomics. First, what is posture? Posture is our momentarily body position in space while we are standing, […]

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Healthy School Lunches – Fix Your Diet!

With school back in action this week healthy lunches and snacks are important for active children. Just as adults need a balanced diet of all six nutrients (carbohydrates, fats, water, protein, vitamins and minerals), children and young adults are even more in need of these nutrients to help build healthy bones, increase brain functioning and […]

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How to keep keep cool this summer

Summer in Australia, we all look forward to it during the year and finally it is here. As we have been experiencing, it can get really hot. Sometimes to the point where it is better to stay inside during the hottest part of the day to avoid heat exhaustion or heat stroke. However you spend […]

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Elbow Pain – Are You Feeling It?

Tennis elbow, or medically known as Lateral Epicondylitis, is an inflammatory condition caused by overuse. It involves the tendons that attach to your elbow and control your wrist, hand and fingers. When the tendons are weakened due to overuse, tiny tears occur at the attachment to the elbow, causing inflammation and irritation. Common symptoms are:● […]

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How to make your goals stick, for an incredible 2019

So it’s a new year. Like a new chapter of a book with 365 new pages to fill and new opportunities to be had. It is a time to reset and start to create new habits for a bigger, brighter and healthier 2019. I am not one for new years resolutions, most people start big […]

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Activities For The Holidays To Get You Moving!

While the holidays are a great time to rest and reflect, it is also a great opportunity to make time to get moving and get outdoors. After the stressful period of last minute shopping, Christmas parties and family gatherings, it is important to make time for some leisurely activities that mindfully move the body and […]

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