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Carrying An Injury And Want To Get Moving Again?

Living Health Group provide expert diagnosis and treatment to a range of injuries. Our services include Osteopathy, dry needling and remedial or sports massage to help you on the road to recovery.

We get you moving better, feeling better and back to ultimate performance- from table to sports field. We treat the athlete’s, the CEO’s, desk jockeys, busy mummies and the weekend warriors. All with the same care and dedication.

Why Choose Us ?

Our Wheelers Hill clinic combines hands on treatment of dry needling, remedial massage and sports massage services from qualified and experienced Osteopaths and remedial massage therapists all under one roof. We’re conveniently located for residents of surrounding suburbs. Meaning if you need Dry Needling, Remedial Massage or Osteopathy in Glen Waverley, Mulgrave and Mount Waverley we are right next door.

Giving treatment is easy, but the tricky part is finding out what the real cause of the problem. This is where our experience comes in, and we have years of it! Find out more information about our experienced team here!

We may have many letters after our names, but we like to keep things simple. We give you a clear understanding of your injury, how we will fix it, and together create a plan to prevent any reoccurrence.

Putting You First: Visit Our Wheelers Hill Osteopath Clinic Today

So what makes Living Health Group different? We focus on you! We want to make the best possible experience for you all.

  • Quick online bookings to find a time that suits you best, any hour of the day.
  • World class care, our team of health experts have the clinical experience and knowledge. Giving you the best results possible.
  • No one size fits all approach, we understand that everybody is different, we explain your injury to you and work with you to create a roadmap to recovery tailored specific to you.

Call us on (03) 9561 1958 to make an appointment in Wheelers Hill or book online instantly for osteopathy, dry needling, remedial and sports massage services

Read More On Our Remedial, Dry Needling and Osteopath Services

At Living Health Group, we have plenty of experience treating injuries and relieving body aches and pains. Our osteopaths use methods ranging from remedial massage to dry needling, manipulation, muscle release techniques, strengthening exercises and more. This wide range of techniques enables us to individualise treatment, helping relieve back pain, neck pain, knee or ankle pain and many other injuries. Contact us on (03) 9561 1958 for more information on our Osteopaths, dry needling, remedial or sports massage services.


 Osteopathy is an incredibly effective form of treatment, focused on identifying the root cause of your injury, maximising the body’s function, restoring movement patterns, enabling the body to function at optimal capacity.

   Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is a treatment focused on finding areas of muscle dysfunction and using massage to help restore function back to those areas.

         Dry Needling

Dry needling is a type of technique we use to help relieve tension in the body. It works by inserting a thin needle into a muscle or tissue that is sore, this causes a minor injury to that tissue, triggering a healing response.


Myotherapy is a form of allied-health that utilizes tools such as soft tissue massage, dry needling, exercise and education.


Using online consultations, your osteopath can assist you in providing advice, stretching, exercises and self treatment techniques to be done at home. 

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