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Here at Living Health Group our Nutritionist takes a holistic approach to improving your health, energy and nutrition concerns targeting several nutritional drivers that contribute to altered optimal health.

Food provides us with energy and the nutrients for every cell in our body to work efficiently. A nourishing, nutrient rich diet is the basis of good health. Eating the right foods and having optimal hydration can allow you to train harder, think clearer, recover quicker and significantly improve your performance.

Who should see a Nutritionist:

  • Athletes that want to increase sporting performance
  • Athletes that want to recover quicker from their injuries
  • Women post pregnancy that want to lose weight
  • Women that have genetic weight gain
  • People that have problem controlling their diets
  • Vegetarian or vegan diets
  • Stress management
  • People that have problem controlling their diets during emotional events
  • People who feel fatigue easily during the day
  • People who regularly feeling bloated
  • Food intolerances sufferers

Our nutritionist works specific with you creating your individualised Nutrition roadmap, specifically designed to suit your nutrient, health and energy needs enabling you to achieve optimal health.

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Living Health Group is a team of passionate practitioners who are driven to help you improve your performance and achieve your health goals.

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