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Setting up the perfect desk posture!

With time spent in front of a computer now 9 hours per day for the average Australian, posture and desk ergonomics are greatly impacting our comfort and quality of life. Generally, people are now spending more time in front of a computer than they are sleeping. When this is coupled with 1 in 3 Australians […]

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Quickest recovery for a corky

A corky involves that instant dead leg sensation you experience as your thigh is corked whilst playing footy resulting in you hobbling around the footy field as you continue to play, trying to ‘run’ it out. Here we are covering what exactly a corky is and what the best recovery is to get you back […]

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6 Nutrients That Fight Fatigue

Each of us is prone to feeling tired from time to time but, for some, the effects of fatigue can be debilitating. Whilst feeling tired may appear as an intangible symptom to most, in many cases it can be linked to one’s nutrition. There are several critical nutrients that always need to be considered in […]

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Top 8 tips to staying healthy this year

It’s a new year, we have recovered from the Christmas and New Years celebrations and it’s time to get our health back on track from all that over-indulging. Rather than setting New Year’s resolutions, here at Living Health Group, we like to look at it as a lifestyle transformation. If you’re looking to drop some […]

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How to Make 2017 your best year yet!

With 2017 fast approaching it is always a good time to reflect on the year just gone. Some key questions I like to ask myself are: What worked well this year? What didn’t work well this year? Did I achieve what goals / intentions I had planned to achieve? How was my health over the […]

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Sciatica, what is it?

It is predicted that up to 80% of people will experience some form of back pain in their life time. Back pain can have severe implications on a person’s life, and predispose individuals to further injuries. A common injury, which can be associated with back injuries, or as a biomechanical consequence of a back problem, […]

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Are you struggling with seasonal allergies? Nip them in the bud!

After enduring the cold and harsh winter, many people long for the weather shift that comes with spring. However the arrival of springtime also brings with it flowering buds, blooming trees and warm breezes that can be bothersome to those who suffer from seasonal allergies such as hay fever (allergic rhinitis). The onset of hay […]

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What does it mean to have an Autoimmune Condition?

Autoimmune conditions are beginning to become more prevalent with an increasing ability to diagnose patients with new testing procedures, and scans more readily available. However, the concept of an ‘Autoimmune Disease’ can be confusing; therefore this blog will try to give some clarity to what it means to have an autoimmune condition. Our body has […]

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Eating Healthy vs Eating Right

With so many people suffering from digestive complaints at some stage in the life, getting the basics right can go a long way to reducing the occurrence of ‘tummy upsets’. There are some simple things which can be practiced on a daily basis to support the natural processes of digestion, therefore reducing the occurrence of […]

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