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6 Nutrients That Fight Fatigue

Each of us is prone to feeling tired from time to time but, for some, the effects of fatigue can be debilitating. Whilst feeling tired may appear as an intangible symptom to most, in many cases it can be linked to one’s nutrition.

There are several critical nutrients that always need to be considered in fatigued persons, in addition to corresponding foods that may help to boost their levels. Nutrients that are commonly associated with fatigue include:

NutrientRisk FactorsSymptoms of deficiencyRich food Sources
IronMenstruating women, blood loss, poor dietary intake, vegetarians and vegans, digestive disorders (poor nutrient absorption), chronic infectionsFatigue, weakness, pale skin, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, brittle nails, poor concentrationRed meats, nuts, sesame seeds, eggs, spinach, silver beet, miso, tempeh, tofu
Vitamin B12Poor dietary intake, vegetarians and vegans, poor nutrient absorptionFatigue, weakness, tongue soreness, tingling in hands and feet, poor concentration and memoryEggs, beef, veal, lamb, turkey, snapper, sardines, mussels, oysters, rabbit
FolatePoor dietary intake, poor nutrient absorption, the elderlyFatigue, poor concentration and memory, loss of appetite, irritabilitySpinach, cabbage, flour (chickpea and soy), sesame seeds
Vitamin DLimited sun exposure, darker skinned individuals, poor nutrient absorption, chronic kidney and liver diseaseFatigue, recurrent infections, brain fog, bone painHerring, sardines, calamari, milk, cheese, egg yolk
ZincPoor dietary intake, poor nutrient absorptionRecurrent infections, slow wound healing, poor skin health, reduced sense of smell and tasteOysters, red meats, nuts, chicken, turkey, cheese, eggs, sesame seeds
MagnesiumPoor dietary intake, poor nutrient absorption, certain medications, alcoholism, diabetes mellitusFatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, eye twitches, muscle cramps/spasmsRed meats, chicken, pork, turkey, nuts, dark chocolate

Comprehensive case taking and pathology screening with a Naturopath can identify if nutrient deficiencies are present. If your energy levels aren’t as they should be and you suspect nutritional deficiencies may be at work, a Naturopath may be able to help you target this underlying driver behind the cause of your fatigue.

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